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Hot-air welding devices FORSTHOFF

Hot-air welding devices FORSTHOFF are professional instruments for plastic welding using the additive materials, mainly for welding PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, ABS, PMMA and PA. These are compact in design and thanks to its dimensions and weight are ideal for mobile welding applications, mainly of thin-walled materials. Various features of hot-air devices are available.

FORSTHOFF product portfolio including:
  1. professional manual welding devices
  2. air heaters
  3. automatic welding devices

Additive material welding principle

By this type of welding is heat transfer ensured by hot air, which is used for basic and additive welding material heating. Hot-air supply is welding device, so-called "hot-air pistol".
Before welding itself, a welding surfaces treatment is necessary - depending on welded material wall thickness (or joint type) it is necessary to do sideway cut in "V" shape (wall thickness up to 6 mm), or "X" shape (wall thickness over 6 mm) and of course surface cleaning. By actual welding, due to the temperature, basic and additive material are melting and under the pressure (when additive material is pressed into basic material) the welding joint is created. In case of bigger material thicknesses is necessary to create welding jint in whole cross-section, it is importatnt to create several caterpillars. The highest welding efficiency ensures various types of welding nozzles, which can be attached on hot-air pistols.

Princíp zvárania prídavným materiálom
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