Dodávateľský program
WIDOS 12000 WM
Dodávateľský program
WIDOS 12000 WM T

WIDOS 12000 WM / 12000 WS CNC

Workshop devices for butt welding of pipes and fittings from PE, PP and PVDF for diameters from DA 500 to DA 1200 mm, with hydraulic shift or drive unit clamping tool. Welding unit is mounted on the massive base frame, with two movable welding tables on it . Alternatively can be supplied with SPA protocol unit, or CNC control unit. Clamping tools can swivel about 15°, or 22,5° for segmented bends or T-pieces welding.

Machine type WIDOS 12000 WM* WIDOS 12000 WM SPA* WIDOS 12000 WS CNC*
Range in mm 500 - 1200 500 - 1200 500 - 1200
Basic machine ano ano ano
Hydraulic power unit ano ano nie
Electrical planer ano ano ano
Heating element ano ano ano
CNC or SPA unit nie ano ano
Base frame ano ano ano
Hydraulic clamping tools optional optional optional
Reducer inserts
Reducer inserts DA 500 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 560 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 630 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 710 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 800 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 900 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 1000 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 1100 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 1200 zákl.čeľuste zákl.čeľuste zákl.čeľuste
Adapter for diameters DA 500 - 560 ano ano ano
Flange adapter ano ano ano
Left adjustable table ano ano ano
Second working hydraulic valve optional optional optional
Barcode reader nie ano ano
USB connector nie ano ano
SD memory card nie ano ano
Welding pass nie ano ano
Pipe data card nie ano ano
Operating software nie ano ano

* an extension component for fabrication of welded 45°, 60° a 90° T-pieces (for dimension up to DA 1200) is available

Manual plastic welding machine for the heating element butt welding of PE and PP tubes from OD 500 up to OD 1200 and for the rational fabrication of fittings, bends and T- and cross-pieces of the highest quality in the workshop. The welding machine is mounted on an extremely solid and torsion-resistant basic frame and has two movable machine tables running on precise guiding units highly capable of bearing. The table drive allowing exactly controllable forces at smooth running is constructed in an ideal way with respect to the demands of the plastics processing. The floating fixation of the tables enables a very solid suspension of heating element and planer. Both are retracted between the basic clamping tools by means of a servo drive on high quality linear guidings and meet highest demands on quality and service life.

The clamping devices which have been optimized in handling and stability are mounted swivellingly onto the tables for the fabrication of fittings and may be shifted horizontally for an easy mismatch compensation. Vertical compensating motions are available upon request. Besides the solid versions of 15° resp. 22,5° which are principally used for the fabrication of segmented bends, small steel versions are available for the clamping of even the smallest straight stubs of the fittings like e.g. flanges. The welding pieces are clamped manually via spindles in the standard version and may be optionally supplemented by hydraulic systems. The anti-stick coated heating element has an electronical temperature control and meets highest requirements on service life and distribution of the temperature. The electric planer with chain drive in a closed housing with high torque performance has been optimized in its high cutting performance while running smoothly.

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