WIDOS 7511
WIDOS 7511
Dodávateľský program
WIDOS 3600

WIDOS 7511 / 3511 / 3600

The worksop devices for poly-fusion welding of pipes and fittings from PE, PP, PB a PVDF, for diameters from DA 20 to DA 160 mm, with mechanical shift of clamping tools. Heating element is attached directly to the clamping tools. Transport box allows simple transport of welding device and also can be used as a pedestal for welding unit.

Machine type WIDOS 7511 WIDOS 3511 WIDOS 3600
Range in mm 20 - 75 20 - 125 63 - 160
Basic machine ano ano ano
Mechanical shift of clamping tools ano ano ano
Heating element ano ano ano
Power supply 230 V / 630 W 230 V / 1100 W 230 V / 1100 W
Reducer inserts
Reducer inserts DA 20 ano ano nie
Reducer inserts DA 25 ano ano nie
Reducer inserts DA 32 ano ano nie
Reducer inserts DA 40 ano ano nie
Reducer inserts DA 50 ano ano nie
Reducer inserts DA 56 optional optional nie
Reducer inserts DA 63 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 75 ano ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 90 nie ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 110 nie ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 125 nie ano ano
Reducer inserts DA 140 nie nie ano
Reducer inserts DA 160 nie nie ano
Steel case ano nie nie
Transport case nie ano ano
Fastening clamp for table ano nie nie

"The WI-PRECISION® machines are mounted on a solid frame. The motion of the slides runs against each other and is controlled by a rack-and-pinion drive. It is possible to clamp all outer diameters by a prismatic clamping being continuously adjustable; there is a double prism on the pipe side that may be replaced easily and quickly."

The fitting side features a simple clamping device; limitation of the insertion depth is secured by a turning knob depending on the diameter (version selectable in mm or inch). Both slides may be aligned axially in order to adjust the fusion pieces; positioning is supported by an insertion stop. The swinging socket heating element is built on the machine including holder, features on/off-switch, electronic temperature control in accordance with DVS 2208. For the storage of machine and accessories, a carrying case is available.

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