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WIDOS extension kit for automatic heating element

In order to fullfill the demands for a fully automatic heating element butt welding process on site, heating elements for the models WIDOS 4400, WIDOS 4600, WIDOS 4900 manual types, as well as in combination with SPA 600 and CNC 3.0 control, are available which are automatically moving in and out thus enabling an automatic welding process.

The automatic heating element is detached on the basic machine after mismatch compensation. It can be removed anytime between the start of the joining time and the end of the cooling time, and is stored in a reception box together with the planer. The small construction which makes it possible to work in narrow ditches, and the simple locking in the basic machine by means of the one-handed clamping, offer further advantages. It is available as additional equipment, as an alternative to our wellknown hand-held heating elements.

Automatic heating element, anti-stick coated, with connection cable and plug, control lamps for system and interval checking, on/off-switch, electronical adjustment and controlling of the temperature in accordance with DVS 2208.

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