Mobilné zváracie zariadenieWIDOS 10000
WIDOS 10000

WIDOS mobile welding machines

Mobile machine with guidable carriage for the heating element butt welding of pipes and fittings on the construction site.

Models available:
  1. WIDOS 6100 from OD 315 up to OD 630 mm
  2. WIDOS 10000 from OD 500 up to OD 1000 mm
  3. WIDOS 12000 from OD 710 up to OD 1200 mm
  4. WIDOS 16000 from OD 1000 up to OD 1600 mm
  5. WIDOS 25000 from OD 1600 up to OD 2500 mm
The machine features an extremely solid 4-ring steel construction. The operator carries out all welding motions hydraulically via remote control with adjustable pressures. In order to process fittings it is possible to shift the third ring manually within the machine. Opening and shutting the clamping rings is done hydraulically; clamping of the pipes is done via manual spindles in the standard version but may be upgraded optionally with hydraulic ones as well.

Heating element and planer are mounted directly to the machine and are also swung in and out hydraulically via remote control. The heating element with high quality anti-stick coating is controlled electronically and may be optionally equipped with attachment plates or plastic films. The planer including electric chain drive is equipped with high quality blades which are to be used on several sides.

The entire hydraulic unit is integrated into the machine and activated via individual control devices or remote control depending on the function. The entire machine is mounted onto a solid carriage with 4 profiled wheels in individual suspension and may be pulled by a drawbar. All hydraulic components have been built into the carriage in a way that maximum protection is warranted during operation. In order to pull the machine easily below the pipeline, it is possible to built-in a lifting device with support wheels on ball bearings attached to both sides which is operated hydraulically. As an option, it is possible to equip the machine with a generator in order that self-sustaining operation is enabled without external power supply. It delivers the energy for heating element, planer and hydraulic unit and may as well be used for the construction site itself if necessary.

Mounting of the reducer inserts is done via special connector system for quick and solid handling.

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