Dodávateľský program
WIDOS zvárací stôl

WIDOS welding tables up to 4 m2

Stationary plastic welding machine with hydraulic control in an extremely sturdy version for welding pipes and fittings made of PEHD and PP. It consists of two high-capacity steel machine tables with milled universal slots on high-precision linear guiding devices for the setting up of swivelling clamping elements enabling the fabrication of bends and fittings.

Hydraulic control unit with high-performance pumps, pressure gauge and easily usable control valve. The working height of the whole welding machine is deeply lowered for facilitating work and furthermore equipped with regulating feet for a safe mounting. Electric planer and heating element, thermostatic control, swivelled in by means of a lifting device. The heating element can be suspended into a seperate carrier frame.

WIDOS welding table 1500:
Basic machine with linear guiding tables (2 x 1000 x 1500 mm)
Range from OD 1300 - ID 700 mm

WIDOS welding table 2000:
Basic machine with linear guiding tables (2 x 1500 x 2000 mm)
Range from OD 1800 - ID 1100 mm

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