WIDOS 7511
WIDOS 7511
WIDOS 3511
WIDOS 3511

Workshop socket welding machines WIDOS

Workshop socket welding machines WIDOS are designed for plastic pipes welding of diameters from DA 20 to DA 160 mm. They are supplied with mechanical clamp shift, build-in heating element and with transport case, which can be used as a device pedestal.

Socket welding machines range of products:
  1. WIDOS 7511 (DA 20 - 75) - workshop and building sites socket welding machine with mechanical shift
  2. WIDOS 3511 (DA 20 - 125) - workshop socket welding machine with mechanical shift
  3. WIDOS 3600 (DA 63 - 160) - workshop socket welding machine with mechanical shift
  4. WIDOS 2500 Kombi (DA 20 - 125) - workshop combined device for socket or butt welding with mechanical shift

Socket welding principle

Socket welding (or embouchure welding) is contact type of plastic pipes and fittings welding, it means, that welded surfaces are heated by contact with heating element. It is necessary to warm up the welded parts up to demand temperature by sliding the pipe and fitting on to appropriate size of welding socket, which is mounted on heating element. When required heating time is elapsed, welded parts can be removed from welding sockets and without reciprocal twisting inserted into each other. Welding socket surfaces are slightly conical to allow create sufficient welding pressure. By this can be adequate pressure achieved also when the axial forces are too small and due to this fact, hand welding up to diameter DA 63 mm is also possible. For bigger diameters (up to DA 125 mm) is suitable to use welding machines for ensuring accuracy and coaxial alignment. When the pipe and fitting are joined together (during the minimal cool down period of approx. 30 seconds), it is necessary to fixate welded parts, and welding joint can be loaded not before 1 hour after the welding procedure has finished. Welding parameters for particular pipe diameters, e.g. heating time, cool down time, fixate time, etc., are stated in table.
Dielenské zariadenia WIDOS na polyfúzne zváranie
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