Dodávateľský program

Professional welding devices for plastics

Our product portfolio is mainly focused on professional technics for plastics welding and machining.
You can find here almost every familiar technologies.

Welding with external heat source:
  1. butt welding
  2. socket welding
  3. electro-fusion welding
  4. welding with infra-red radiation
  5. welding with additive materials (fuse welding)
  6. plastic sheets welding
Welding with internal heat source:
  1. frictional and vibrational welding
  2. induction welding
  3. ultrasound welding
  4. high-frequency welding
We offer also devices and accessories for plastics machining:
  1. pipe cutting devices (scissors, cutters, guillotines, circular saws)
  2. plastic pipes surfaces machining devices (hand scrapers, rotation scrapers, bevellers)
  3. inner and outer debeader removing tools for butt welding applications
  4. presser and rounder tools used by plastic pipelines distribution repair
  5. positioners for plastic pipes clamping by electro-fusion welding
  6. plastic sheet benders
  7. rollerstands
  8. testing and checking devices
  9. other accessories (markers, degreasing solutions, tissues)
Plastic sheets, profiled material and additive welding wires and rods, water hardness treatment devices also can be found in our product range.