Reťazové píliace zariadenie RSC 2000
Chain sawing installation RSC 2000

WIDOS chain sawing instalations

Chain sawing instalations WIDOS RSC:
  1. WIDOS RSC 1600 - for pipe diameter up to DA 1600 mm, exact cut with cutting angle capacities 45° - 0° - 67,5°
  2. WIDOS RSC 2000 - for pipe diameter up to DA 2000 mm, exact cut with cutting angle capacities 45° - 0° - 67,5°
  3. WIDOS RSC 2200 - for pipe diameter up to DA 2200 mm, exact cut with cutting angle capacities 45° - 0° - 67,5°
  4. WIDOS RSC 2400 - for pipe diameter up to DA 2400 mm, exact cut with cutting angle capacities 45° - 0° - 67,5°
  5. WIDOS RSC 2500 - for pipe diameter up to DA 2500 mm, exact cut with cutting angle capacities 45° - 0° - 67,5°
The saws type RSC 1600 - RSC 2500 feature an extremely stable and impressively compact construction destined for highest loadings and cuttings while processing large pipes.A special technical feature is the high performance cutting device on the basis of special chains with continuously adjustable drives and feeds which has been optimized for the cutting of extreme wall thicknesses and materials. The combination of a special cutting geometry and selected materials help to realize highest cutting performances while, at the same time, they are insensitive to any clamping forces caused by material tensions.

The extremely solid but compact portal construction with mechanically synchronized head and base travels enables very precise cuts. The integrated sword and chain clamping guarantees an optimal cutting course as well as high functional safety by chain break and pre-clamping detection. In combination with the optional laser marking it is thus possible to make very precise segmented cuts. The extremely solid machine base frame deserves special attention including precise swivel bearings and high capacity guidings. Despite the massive assembly it is possible to adjust and lock cutting angles between 45° - 0° - 67.5° very easily. Two extra-solid support tables are available for the storing of the pipes which may be adjusted onto every pipe dimension by means of adjustable prism. As a special feature, the pipes rest on swinging support plates within the central cutting area and may be covered by prism in variable ways. Vibrations by floating unsupported pipes thus belong to the past.

The pipes are clamped by a belt system that may be driven electrically as an option. The released belts are mounted in the portal by means of a special suspension in order that it is possible to simply shift the pipes through and clamp them directly. Also, disappearing roller guides are optionally available that make shifting of plain pipes within the saw considerably easier. Of course, these saws also feature a high capacity vacuum system with chip collector reducing the necessary cleaning duties to a minimum. The machine is operated via mobile console with integrated control unit in order to indicate all saw calibrations like travel and cutting speed, saw position and angle. The control unit assumes all safety functions additionally and may also be upgraded to automatized cuts in connection with corresponding safety devices on request.

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