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Water hardness treating kits - MINERAL WATER DOCTOR®

MWD© is product, which is able to change Kalacit CaCO3 into Aragonit CaCO3, without chemical treatment. This process stops making calcium deposist in flow-heater pipes. Despite of idenctical chemical composition, they manifests in different ways. Kalacit is hard and it is difficult to peel of. Aragonit is much more softer and it is easier to wash away. Water is becoming softer, it is healthier for human organism and it doesn not pollute the environment. By simple installation of Mineral Water Doctor© on water inlet, an instant efect of dissolved minerals wash away is realized. A lot of water hardness treating devices works on principle, where is necessary to use an electric energie to operate it. Mineral Water Doctor works on physical principle of wet galvanic cell and it is energeticaly self-sufficient and by water flow it is creating own static electricity energie from 0,65 to 0,85 V!


  1. lower water consumption, higher pipes throughput
  2. longer life-time period of water taps and household appliances
  3. save energie up to 25 % by water flow-heaters and up to 30 % boilers
  4. one-time investment for approx. 10 years
  5. 100 % energetical self-sufficient - no other electric energie consumption
  6. zero costs for chemical treatment
  7. minimize costs for clogged pipes replacement
  8. environment friendly due to the chemical water softener elimination
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